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For over 20 years I have reached out to Tracy when I have needed a listening ear and wise advice. I know that Tracy will attempt to answer any question I have from a Biblical standpoint.  She is sensitive, but will not sacrifice truth.  She shoots straight.  She has been a blessing to my family and I know that she will be the same to yours.
Tracy Drake - Firm Foundation Parenting
Tracy Drake - Firm Foundation Parenting
Tracy has been an encourager and mentor to us for years! As we hit different stages as parents she is always able to offer Godly, timely and practical advice to help make us better parents and a better husband and wife team! We appreciate her wisdom, coupled with a great sense of humor, in talking through important issues we face and how to best handle them!
~Nikki and Jared
Tracy Drake is a natural coach and public speaker. She is filled with wisdom and compassion, and she has a true heart for women and mothers. She has wonderful insight to the unique struggles women of today face within their families. Whether speaking to large groups or individuals, she has a wonderful way of illuminating truth and creating atmospheres for authenticity and change. After attending her speaking events, women feel encouraged, inspired and grounded in biblical truth. She would be a tremendous blessing to your church or any other organization that is looking to help empower and inspire women to walk in the truth of God. As a Professional Counselor, I absolutely recommend Tracy in any speaking capacity or as a personal coach. 
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