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  • What is Firm Foundation Parenting all about?
    A firm foundation is critical for a strong home. Physically, emotionally and spiritually…the best way a parent can help their child succeed is to give them a foundation that is unshakable. But how do we build a strong foundation? We live in a time that has no shortage of information and advice. In fact, there are so many voices and conflicting opinions that it is hard to cut through the clutter to find the truth. God in his wisdom and love has a beautiful plan for every parent and child. He knit us together in families, and His Word teaches us His design to build a foundation strong enough to withstand any storm. It is my joy and privilege to walk alongside parents as they seek God and build their families on the truths of scripture. I seek to help parents reach their God-given potential through encouragement, evaluation, and development of skills.
  • What is a Parent Coach?
    Parents seek out coaches and teachers for their children all of the time. Sports coaches, dance, music, and art teachers … parents invest in their children because they want them to succeed. They hire others to instruct them in the basics, encourage them, and help them over the rough spots towards success. ​ Investing in yourself as a parent is an investment in both you and your child. A parent coach helps you achieve your goals by bringing out the best in you through evaluation, accountability, and development of your skills. A life coach is not a counselor. Counselors help heal hurts of the past. A life coach helps you gain the future you desire. As your life coach, I will use my 25+ years of parenting experience to help you gain tangible results by challenging your status quo, stretching you and helping you think outside the box. My approach is to advocate for you with respectful honest insight, compassion, and wisdom.
  • What are the benefits of coaching?
    Gain confidence as a parent Parent with a purpose Set goals for your family Learn to discipline with grace and love Build a strong relationship with your child at every age and stage Raise children who are ready for their future Learn strategies that work for your family Capitalize on your strengths Address your weaknesses Strengthen your resolve Overcome anxieties and fears
  • Do you provide parent coaching for non-Christians?
    While Firm Foundation Parenting has a Biblical Christian worldview, it is important to recognize that we welcome people of any and all faith traditions. It is our commitment to you to make you feel welcome and free from any pressure to believe as we do. It is our goal for you to feel safe and free from judgment.
  • Where do coaching sessions take place?
    At the location of your convenience in the Greenville, SC area. Sessions can also be by phone or video platform.
  • Do you make "house calls"?"
    I am happy to meet you in your home or at a location of your choosing for an additional fee for travel time and expenses. Please contact me for arrangements.
  • Can my spouse be included?
    Yes! I would be happy to meet with you both for no additional fee.
  • What are your fees?
    Private Coaching Sessions: $75 / 60 minutes. 4 prepaid sessions may be purchased for $200. Group Sessions: Classes are periodically given to cover specific parenting topics. Classes meet for 4 weeks for 2 hours each session: $40 per person or 4 prepaid sessions may be purchased for $120. Private Groups Sessions: I am also happy to customize group sessions for you and your friends. Please contact me for details. House Calls: I am happy to meet you in your home ar at a location of your choosing for an additional fee for travel time and expenses. Please contact me for arangements. Sessions are at the location of your choice in the Greenville, SC area. We can also meet by phone or video platform. I accept payment via Paypal, Venmo, credit card or personal check.
  • Where can I find your Coaching Agreement?
    Our Coaching Agreement is located here. Please read it over carefully, complete the form on the lower portion and submit. Thank you!
  • What is your policy with regard to confidentiality?
    Confidentiality is at the core of every successful coaching relationship. When clients understand they are in a safe space, and can speak freely without judgment, a door opens for positive change and growth. Firm Foundation Parenting protects the confidentiality of the client. Confidentiality means that the client may share information about the coaching with others, but the coach may not share information about the coaching outside of his or her conversations with the client without written consent. In the rare event that a client reveals facts that open this organization to legal liability, these facts are not privileged. For our privacy policy concerning information collected on the website, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
  • How can I pay online?
    You may certainly pay online with a credit card or PayPal. Our payment link is located here.
  • What is your cancellation / rescheduling policy?
    Rescheduling occurs when one cancels the reserved appointment at least 48 hours in advance and schedules an appointment at another time. Cancellation occurs when one cancels an appointment with less than 48 hours notice regardless if another appointment is scheduled. Your appointment is a time that is reserved for you. However, I realize that on occasion it may be necessary to cancel an appointment. If you must cancel, please provide at least 48 hours notice. If you are unable to provide at least 48 hours notice, you will be charged 50% of your session fee. The only time this fee will be waived is in the event of serious or contagious illness or emergency. Your understanding and adherence to this policy is greatly appreciated. If you need to cancel or reschedule your session for any reason, please call or message (803) 620-3236 or send an email directly to Tracy at
Tracy Drake - Firm Foundation Parenting
Tracy Drake - Firm Foundation Parenting
Tracy Drake - Firm Foundation Parenting
Tracy Drake - Firm Foundation Parenting

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