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I am so happy you are here! I am married to Alan and we make our home in the Carolinas. We have three adult children who are busy adding members to our family and GiGi to my titles. My love language is feeding people and my favorite things are Jesus, dark chocolate and family game nights.  


If you have a moment, I would love to tell you more about me.

Tracy Drake - Certified Life Coach

Tracy Drake - Certified Life Coach

My Story ...

My 25+ years of raising kids took me on an adventure that was fun, terrifying and rewarding.  Parenting did more than raise my kids.  It transformed me into the person I am today.

How did I become a family life coach? Sure I took classes and received my certification, but my biggest qualification? I survived raising a family!


As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a mom. I really couldn’t think of a higher calling. My dreams of baking cookies, laughing around the table and cuddling over storybooks quickly faced the realities of sleep deprivation, sick kids, bad attitudes (mine, too!) and laundry that never ended.

Early on in my parenting adventure, I was asked a question that put me on a path of parenting that changed everything. If I had a yearly review as a mom, would I keep my job? Would I receive a bonus? A big one?


I knew if I was honest I wasn’t sure I would like the answer. There were plenty of days that I was not treating motherhood like the job that it was. I didn’t always give it my best. Too often I was just getting by on the path of least resistance and hoping for the best. That was the day I decided to treat mothering like a job. I showed up. I worked hard. I became educated. I set goals for myself and for my family. I faced challenges head-on and I worked the problems. Every day was not perfect, but no job is. I had plenty of setbacks, but what career doesn’t?


I set out on a path to find the perfect mom and be just like her. But God showed me something different. He blessed me with a deep well of mentors and coaches that were further along the parenting path than me. They encouraged and taught me that great kids and parents don’t all look alike. They have different backgrounds, different household rules and chose different types of education. However, there was a common thread between them all. They all had strong foundations found in the truths of God’s Word. Their parents taught them to love God and to love people. They knew that they were created for a purpose. They were great kids being raised with the end in mind. They were raised to be adults who would make a difference in the kingdom of God.


Before I knew it, I had become the mom who was further down the path of parenting and God began opening doors for me to share the encouragement, strength and wisdom that I had received. I find joy and purpose in helping parents in their journey. My goal is not to make other families look exactly like mine. I strive to help parents realize their own potential and discover the joys that God has for their families.


I would love to get to know your family and help you find that joy.

Tracy Drake - Firm Foundation Parenting
Tracy Drake - Firm Foundation Parenting
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